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Sunday, 28 October 2007

California Fires

There was an article on about the California fires and the statistics of the damage the fires have cost.

So far:

-Acreage: 505,349.

-Homes destroyed: 1,790.

-Deaths: Seven directly due to fire; seven involving evacuees, including infirmity, age, accident.

-Injuries: 71 firefighters, 27 civilians.

-Evacuees: 4,403 people in 28 shelters.

My thoughts go out to all those in CA that are affected by the fires. The Red Cross is collecting donations to help those affected by the fires:

Thursday, 4 October 2007


Do you use Ebay and hate when you miss out on bidding because someone beats you with a higher bid? Well how about trying out a website that works out by having the lowest unique bid winning a prize!

On Bid4Prizes is user-friendly and there is an arcade where you can collect points and redeem for free gifts and cash prizes

The game is a text based reverse auction game where you can win prizes such as HDTV's, Apple I-Phonesto designer bags and cash prizes!!!!!

Check out the site: