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Thursday, 31 July 2008

An electric sports car? You bet!

Check out the Lightning GT! It's British designed and it doesn't need a drop of gas! The battery pack will provide a 200-mile range on a ten-minute charge!!! WOAH! It will cost £120,000 or $240,000! However just think of how much you can save by not having to buy gas for it!

You can see more photos of the car on the offical website. Click here

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Austin Powers 4?!

Apparently there is going to be another Austin Powers movie. This time focusing more on Dr.Evil and his son. So how are they going to make Dr.Evil be evil to Austin? Remember the last movie where it was revealed that Dr.Evil and Austin are really brothers!

This will make Austin Powers 4 interesting. I hope it doesn't ruin a really funny trilogy.

AC/DC Tour 2008

AC/DC are going on a world tour starting in October for the first time in 8 years! Can't wait till they announce the tour dates!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Free No Fear Stickers

I received mine today! Head over to the No Fear website and fill in a form and the stickers should get to you within 4 weeks!

No Fear Free Stickers

I recieved this in an email today....

Monday, 28 July 2008

It's nearly here! :)

Virgin Galactic today launched WhiteKnightTwo at Mojave, CA! This jet will carry the passenger spaceship into space.

I have been keeping updated with Virgin Galactic as I really hope this project works. Richard Branson always pushes the evenlope and comes up with new ideas which is why he is a person I admire. Sadly I won't be able to go on Virgin Galactic for some time as it costs $200,000 for a ticket!!!

There is no date for the first space trip, but with the launch today of WhiteKnightTwo it won't be that long.

Virgin Galactic

(Photo from Virgin Galactic)

How Can IT Certification From Cisco Change Your Life?

The future is computers! Any career in computing will earn you a lot of money. Since our world is now programed by computers the need for experience in computers is a must. There are many computer courses online that can offer you some training but don't give the support or enough information about what happens with your certification.
Cisco certification"> is a highly informative company that provides a lot of information about training and the different certification programs you can take. They also have a discussion forum that can connect you to other users both beginners and experts in the field of computing and hear how by taking these training programs they have been able to change their career and having a lot of success.

Cisco offers three levels of IT certification these being Associate,Professional and Expert. The next part is choosing the right area that will match up to the job role or industry. For example, routing and switching.

If you need to update your knowledge in certain areas, the network professionals can achieve this as Cisco offers specialist certification in security,IP telephony and wireless.

After you have completed the training, Cisco provides a lot of information in career opportunities within the IT field. Their career section offers guides and advice from experts who are already in specialist areas of IT. There is also a discussion forum so you can read on other users experiences and what job they do from being certified in the IT field.

Cisco can change your life by giving you better opportunity's in one of the fastest growing fields. So check out Cisco and see what they have to offer for you.

Cisco certification

Sponsored by Cisco

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


This is quite a cool story. In the UK there is a show on BBC called the Dragon's Den which is where people have to sell their business proposals to a of a panel of 5 businessmen and women.

Hamfatter are a band who went on the show to get some money to fund them so they could set up their own record company and make more money than they would being signed up to a record company. They sold their idea and the panel agree to fund them.

Next month they will release their new single "The Girl I Love". Congrats to the band who came up with this good idea. Hopefully they will get successful and it will help a lot of unsigned bands to follow the same path.

BBC story

Hamfatter offical website

Offical myspace

Monday, 21 July 2008

Dark Knight Review

Contains some spoilers!

Dark Knight most definitely lived up its hype! The movie is action packed and there is never a moment where you are sitting there checking out the time on your watch. 2 and a half hours goes by very fast and by the end you can't wait till the next installment of Batman!

Heath Ledger was phenomenal. I sat there thinking if he hadn't had died would people still be calling this his best acting ever?! Yes! He certainly researched the role and he was the Joker! I was sadden at the end of the movie as it is going to be very hard to replace him in any upcoming Batman movies that involve the Joker.

Christan Bale's performance as Batman continues to be outstanding. He was obviously born to play Batman. It is like James Bond movies where Pierce Bronson in my opinion was born to play James Bond.

I wasn't sure Aaron Eckhart's adaption of Harvey Dent. It must have been a challenge for Aaron Eckhart to keep up with the performances of Bale and Ledger. At times I felt he wasn't really into the character and if he returns in the next Batman movie I believe his performance will be much better than the first and people will be raving about his performance instead of other lead characters.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was a very convincing Rachel Dawes. I am a fan of Katie Holmes but I did like Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel. I only wish there was a way she can be written back for the next movie. I didn't expect her to be killed.

Gary Oldman,Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are one of the reasons for the success of the movie.

I can't wait till the next Batman installment. Until then I can hope the DVD comes out before Christmas!!!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

It's finally here!

Dark Knight was released across the US today! I am seeing it tomorrow so I will write what I think about the movie. users have already rated it 9.7/10 and Rotten Tomatoes have given it a 94% fresh rating! It looks like it's already living up to its hype!

Can't get enough of Batman related items?! There are a couple of competitions happening right now that you can enter:

Supervalu are giving away Batman prizes. You can have 1 entry per day.

Click Here

Domino's Pizza are having 2 different competitions. The first is $10,000 and the second is to win numerous Batman prizes including a Batman designed XBOX 360!

You can enter both without having to purchase a pizza.

Click Here

Thursday, 17 July 2008

If you had millions and wanted ways to spend it....

Buy a house

Then go on Luxury Homes for Sale. Yes I admit when I like to dream that I am a multimillionaire I go on this site and look at the amazing luxury houses that are for sale. The best thing is its worldwide. So you can have your beach house in the US and then your nice countryside house in England. Fabulous!

Till then I will continue dreaming!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

It's nearly here!

Only 5 more days till Dark Knight comes to the movies in the US! I can't wait to see this!

Sing My Ring

Check out this website. Enter your name and get a ringtone for your phone with your name sung to you. :D Or just listen to the random different tones they have with your name.

Sing My Ring