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Monday, 29 September 2008

Can't afford the real thing?

Then buy the needle-felted iPhone!!!! :D A bargain for $25!!!!

Click here

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Last time to Vote!!!!

Last couple of days to vote for my blog in the Blognet awards!!!! Please vote for me! I appericate it!!!!


Peace One Day

I saw this really interesting documentary tonight about Peace One Day and its founder Jeremy Gilley. The documentary was made by Jeremy himself and featured Jude Law,Angelia Jolie, Johnny Lee Miller and Annie Lennox.

Peace One Day began in 1999 with Jeremy's idea of having peace for one day in September without any one getting killed. This idea took 8 years to develop and Jeremy went to various places around the world to promote his idea. His hard work paid off as last year on September 21st over 100 million people joined him for peace for one day. In Afghanistan the Taliban allowed the United Nations to have vaccinations against polio for children without the fear of getting kidnapped or killed.

To check out the story and for more information, check out the site:

Peace One Day

Looking forward to this!!!

Singapore will hold its first Formula One race! The only difference is its going to be the first time ever in the history of Formula One to be held at night!!!


Thursday, 25 September 2008

It's backkkk!!!!

Another favourite tv show of mine returns tonight! Grey's Anatomy!!! Luckly I didn't have to wait too long from the end of season 4 to watch the new season unlike *cough* Lost and Weeds *cough* *cough*!

I don't think he would make a good Samurai!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Michael Phelps to join Grey's Anatomy?!

NOTTTTT!!!! This was a skit on Jimmy Kimmel's Big Night of Stars show last night:

If you would like to pay your respects......

You can go to the Fast Life store in LA and pay respects to Chris Baker and Charles Still.

The Fast Life,
8101 3rd Street,
Los Angeles CA 90048

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Just Pray!

Travis Barker and DJ AM are both critically injured in a plane crash that happen in South Carolina. 4 people have been killed and both Travis and DJ AM were seriously injured.


RIP Chris! (Travis's assistant) :(

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Has Lego gone insane?

New LEGO figures are being made of random celebrities. Madonna,the Beckhams and Amy Winehouse are the latest to be transformed into LEGO figures. They look awful! Why are they pink and what is up with the Madonna figure?!

See more of the LEGO figures here:
The Sun

Mark Hoppus rocks my socks!

If your a Blink 182 or +44 fan you will probably know how Mark Hoppus usually updates us on what is happening in the studio. He posted a new video a couple of days ago of him playing guitar and today there's a new video for us to all enjoy!

Can't wait till +44 finish their album and tour so I can see them again for the 3rd time!

Being an Insomniac sucks

I hate being an insomniac! I have quite a few things on my mind, but I try and not think about anything before I go to sleep. Trouble is I can't get to sleep. I probably stay awake till 4:30am! I have about 2 hours sleep and then I am up again. Sucks! Anyone have any sugguestions of how they get to sleep?!

I always listen to this song when I can't get to sleep :D

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Reasons for selling your house

With today's ecomony the housing market has decrease in the past year. This is the affects of the housing crash in the US that has caused a knock on effect in other parts of the world including the UK.

Unfortunley at this time the housing market is so bad at the moment, it is a bad time of the year to sell your home as many home buyers can't sell their own homes.

There are other reasons why you must sell your home quickly. A lot of these reasons can be down to being in debt, illness, divorce, bereavement or having your home reposessed.

This would mean you would need cash fast and many times your cash is tied up in your own home. Therefore this can become a great hassle.

Services like Gateway Homes offer cash for property.

Gateway Homes began six years ago and they are one of the leading property purchasing companies in both residential and commerical property in the UK. With this success they have been able to offer their services to the whole of the UK.

The way Gateway Homes works is that you sell your home to them and you can still live in the property. They have a sell and rent back service which can take just about a week to have the whole transaction go through.

The company are trade cash buyers which means that they will pay below the market value in exchange for a quick sale that is also chain free.

They don't have any fees and they can recommend solicitors and also pay your legal fees as well. You can have a free valuation with them and this can be done within the next 24 hours.

If your circumstances change you are able to buy back your property from them without any hassle.

Little boxes on the hill side........

One of my favourite tv shows ended on Monday night till next year! Nooooo! I love Weeds! If you haven't seen it, I sugguest you do!

Weeds is about a widowed housewife named Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) from an a California suburb who becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

Season 4 ended on Monday, so you have until next May to get caught up.

In the meantime I will wait for Greys Anatomy and Lost to begin.

Whilst we are the subject of voting! VOTE!

Continue to vote for my blog on the Blognet Awards website.

Vote here




Tuesday, 16 September 2008

How not to "sing" the Star Spangled Banner

Kat Deluna's take on the Star Spangled Banner before the Cowboys vs Eagles last night in Dallas.

I think Frank Derbin did a much better job! :D


Retro games rocks!

This is what I have spent my last 2 hours playing. I decided to download Monkey Island 1 and put it on my computer. I don't think my 3.5 floppy disks of Monkey Island will work on my laptop :D

Anyway this game will always be one of my favourite games ever. The jokes never get old and I hope the rumours of Monkey Island 5 to be made are true.

Ok, back to sword fighting insults and trying to charter a boat to Monkey Island :D

Monday, 15 September 2008

Favourite songs on Guitar Hero, by Travis Barker

From Entertainment Weekly:


Skins pounder supreme Travis Barker (blink-182, +44) says Guitar Hero's drums are the real deal. ''I was playing my own songs, and I would get perfect [scores], because you're really learning how to play drums!'' Barker recommends five headbanging classics from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock — plus one blink-182 song from the new Guitar Hero World Tour, in which he became a featured character by recording his moves with motion-capture technology.

"Sabotage" by Beastie Boys: "Sabotage is super cool. My ex-wife Shanna and I play it together. It's fun because it's a song we both know so well."

"Paranoid" by Black Sabbath: "My oldest daughter Atiana plays it with my ex-wife and loves it. My 9-year-old daughter knows Black Sabbath now!"

"Raining Blood" by Slayer: "My daughter is scared of it, but I love playing 'Raining Blood.' It's really hard, and I'm not good or anything. I play at the beginner level."

"School's Out" by Alice Cooper: "Not surprisingly, this is a favorite amongst the kids."

"Talk Dirty To Me" by Poison: "Unfortunately, this is also one of my kids' favorites. It's easy on guitar, that's why they play it, but it's a little too much information for their age."

''I had to wear a spandex suit with balls all over it and these funny glasses, and they copy every motion. It's super cool. And 'Dammit' is kinda hard to play: It's really fast eighth notes with the right hand.''

MTV TRL to be cancelled in November!

Total Request Live launched on MTV in September 1998, to wrap with two-hour special in November.

According to the report, TRL executive producer Dave Sirulnick said the show, which launched in September 1998, will wrap with a two-hour special on a Saturday afternoon in November. Sirulnick added, however, that the show’s ending was not final, leaving the door open for a return in some form.


Saturday, 13 September 2008


(Photo taken by Chris Bascombe)

Liverpool 2 Man United 1!!!! :)


I'm a big fan of Liverpool football club (soccer)so today I am looking forward to this match! My friend is a huge Man United fan. When I say huge, he breathes and lives for Man U. When Man U loses he always comes up with any excuse to why they lost. 110% of the time it's always everyone else's fault, the referee,other team,weather,pitch blah blah blah. He can never turn around and say, yes my team didn't play well the end. Nope we have to suffer his lengthy explanations of why Man U lost. He could definitely work for the team as he would be excellent at talking to the media and coming up with every excuse under the sun. :D

Saying that in the past couple of weeks his beloved Man U are currently in 9th place in the Premiership League. They still have to play one extra game than all the teams in the Premiership. That being said he will keep telling everyone how every team in the top 4 of the Premiership suck and they don't deserve to be there! :D

So today if there is ever a game I really want Liverpool to win would be today's game! GOOOOO LIVERPOOL!!!!!

Friday, 12 September 2008


Thank Crunchie it's Friday!!!

Crunchie is a very popular chocolate bar over here in the UK. I say "very" popular because it's one of my favourite chocolate bars ever!

In the 80s, Crunchie adverts contain the slogan "that Friday Feeling" and in the background you heard The Pointer Sister's song "I'm sooo excited". It became very popular and now the slogan is used to promote Crunchie.

Crunchie is sold all over the world and if you are from the US you can find them in any British store and also try World Market as I have brought Crunchie bars from there before.

Crunchie's offical website

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Never forget 9/11

We will never the people who lost their lives on 9-11-01!

(The logo was designed by David Paranteau)

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I have been notimated for Best Bloggers Blog! *Vote*

Blognet Awards runs a monthly competition where blogs are nominated and that blog will go on to win the blog of the month award. There are quite a few categories as well.

Well my blog is on there right now! So please vote for my blog! Whilst you are also on the site please check out the other awesome blogs that have been submitted!

Vote here

Everyone should try this:

Yearbook Yourself is a fun website where you upload a photo of yourself and in seconds,(minutes cause my computer is dying :D)you have loads of photos of yourself from various different eras all in yearbook style!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Yep I was right

Yesterday's post about Katy Perry covering Madonna's Like A Virgin, I did say I was a little weary when artists cover other massive artists songs. I was right (in my opinion. Check out a short video of Katy Perry attempting "Like A Virgin"

Now onto the VMAs themselves. I have not read one positive review about last night's MTV VMAs. Having Russell Brand as a host had me confused. He is popular over here in the UK but in the US not many people know who he is. He also has a kind of humor that some Americans don't understand. Obviously he struck a nerve with one particular artist yesterday...Jordin Sparks!

Then the winner's themselves. Britney is ok, however I wouldn't really have given her 3 awards! She hasn't been promoting her new songs anywhere. I was really surprised by the nominations as well. No wonder Britney won a lot compared to her other nominees, for example Video of the Year award!

Chris Brown — "Forever"
Jonas Brothers — "Burnin' Up"
Pussycat Dolls — "When I Grow Up"
Britney Spears — "Piece of Me"
The Ting Tings — "Shut Up and Let Me Go"

YAWN!!! I'm probably getting too old for MTV now but when decent artists get nominated I will be in support of the VMAs again.
Compare this with the same category 10 years ago:

1998 Video of the Year

Brandy and Monica — "The Boy Is Mine"
Madonna — "Ray of Light"
Puff Daddy and the Family — "It's All About the Benjamins (Rock Remix)"
Will Smith — "Gettin' Jiggy wit It"
The Verve — "Bitter Sweet Symphony"

You get my point?!

MTV, remember you were once a really decent music channel that played music videos and had really cool award shows?! Please MTV do us all a favour and watch old tapes of previous VMAs and realize why this award show sucked!!!

Just incase you don't want to watch the full show heres 2 mins of the "best parts"

Sunday, 7 September 2008


The 2008 MTV VMAs are on tonight in the US. Early Monday morning for me. Zzzzz! :D

The one thing i'm looking forward to is Travis Barker and DJ-AM's performance. According to the MTV offical blog, they will perform with Katy Perry! I'm not really a big fan of her. I don't like "I Kissed A Girl" maybe because its been played a million times and probably a massive hit in clubs everywhere. Apparently she is going to be doing a cover of "Like A Virgin" and hopefully Travis will drum harder to drone her out?! Hahaha I'm a little weary when artists cover massive artists songs. I love Madonna! I always get a little skeptical whenever someone covers her songs. On the other hand it must be really cool to be Madonna and get paid everytime someone covers your song. Madonna is probably over here in England and doesn't even have to show her face and her song is going to be played at one of the biggest music events.

However listening to Travis and DJ-AM's music and downloading some of their music they do AWESOME mixes and so I am looking forward to this performance by Katy Perry.

One of the best chocolate bars in the UK!

Bounty Bars!!! YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

They are like Mounds in the US and they did sell Bounty Bars in the US in the 90s. I can't say I have ever seen them in stores in the US. Trust me I would have brought them.

Yes that photo of the box of Bounty bars is mine!

Cook Off Contest

The Great American Seafood Cook Off website is having a contest or should I say cook off to see what is the best seafood dish created by chefs across the US.

I had a look at all the entries and being a seafood fan myself I would probably choose the Texas Gulf Shrimp. I love shrimp and it looks really good and something I would choose if I was going to a restaurant. The only thing I would change about the recipe and yes it might change the whole recipe is being made with tomatoes. I am not a tomato lover. So I would probably substitute the tomatoes with red peppers.

This recipe is by Chef Mark Holley from Texas, which would indicate the reason why it is called the Texas Gulf Shrimp :D I liked his recipe the best because it looks easier to make than the other entries and also as I stated before being a shrimp lover he gets top marks from me.

All of the contestants have used domestic seafood which basically means that the seafood is local produce which equals to it having a great taste and it is fresh. As you probably know the key to having a good seafood dish is how fresh the seafood is to start off with.

The "cook off" contest closes in October and winners will be announced in November. So please do check the website out and vote for your favourite recipe. You can also enter to win a trip to New Orleans when you vote for your choice of recipe.

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

Friday, 5 September 2008

Fancy spending the night in a 747?

Check out the new hostel,the Jumbo Hostel, located in Stockholm, Sweden, where you can spend the night onboard a plane! The plane obviously has been out of service and you won't be going anywhere.

The 747 has been converted into 25 rooms with 85 beds! You can also pay a little more and spend the night in the cockpit!

Sounds interesting, might try it! Booking begins in December.


This is the way you promote video games!

To promote their new game Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, EA decided to "take over" a garage in North London and give away free petrol! EA paid 20,000 pounds ($40,000) to the garage for the petrol and people were allowed to fill up until the money run out.

However the stunt has been criticised by locals as they were unable to get off their driveways and also the roads were gridlocked. The whole thing lasted 4 hours!!!


Monday, 1 September 2008

London's calling......

(Photo taken by me, yea it might not be the best, but please don't steal it)

I'm back in the UK after a hiatus in the US. Flight was ok, a load of turbulence! When we flew over Canada it was bumpy. At one point the stewardess's were ordered to sit down. Not a good sign as you know its going to get really turbulent. Just as the pilot said that I saw lightning outside of the window really close to the wing. I thought oh great we get to fly through a storm. Luckily we missed the storm and the stewardess's carried on with the food service.

I hate night flights for 2 reasons:

1.I can never get to sleep on an airplane. I did however get to sit once in British Airway's business class and I got to use their new reclining chairs. It worked a treat I was out for about an hour :D So please upgrade me to business class everytime I fly kind airline people!

2. Night flights-the lights go off, i'm wide awake but the 2 other people who are sitting next to you are fast asleep. Doesn't help when you want to get up and walk around when you are sitting next to the window. Argh!

When we were over Greenland I got up and walked around the plane. Yea theres only a short distance you can walk, but its good for you and the only time you can say you walk around at 35,000 ft! I got to go upstairs to see Premium Economy, very nice. I sat with the stewardess's who were really cool people and allowed me to stay up there till they started to serve breakfast. An hour and a half later we landed in London.

So top marks goes to the Virgin Atlantic crew ! I love that airline. Been flying with them since 1990! Service is excellent, can't wait till the day I can try out their Upper Class seats!

Now I just got to get used to the rain and jet lag!