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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Spain are the Euro 2008 Champs!

Spain are the Euro Cup 2008 champions! Spain beat Germany 1-0 to take the trophy back to Spain for the first time in 44 years!!!! Fernando Torres (Liverpool,Liverpool!) scored the lone goal.

Spain's road to being champions:

*Spain 4-1 Russia
*Sweden 1-2 Spain
*Greece 1-2 Spain
*Spain 0-0 Italy (4-2 pens)
*Russia 0-3 Spain

Congrats to Spain!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What is the point of this?

"Wiltshire has held the annual World Nettle Eating championships.

Apparently the tradition began in 1986 when two farmers fell out over who had the longest nettles.
Apparently the tradition began in 1986 when two farmers fell out over who had the longest nettles

A landlady of a local inn thought to settle the dispute by suggesting the two farmers eat their nettles"


Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sex and the City Movie

I went and saw the movie today! I was surrounded by 70 year old ladies who I was shocked that these ladies actually watched the show, it is quite amusing! However i'm glad it gives me hope when I get to 70 I can still go watch movies about people that are 30 years younger than me and love it.

I have been waiting for this movie since it was announced that they were making the movie. There has always been talks about the movie since the show ended in 2004. So 4 years later we finally get a movie out of one of the best tv shows ever made.

The movie itself was like watching a 2 hour special of Sex and the City. I didn't mind the 2 and half hours, most critics hate the length, but being a fan of SATC I didn't care.

Overall I give the movie 8/10 I really liked seeing the girls back together for a movie. I don't whether there will ever be another movie but i'm glad it ended well. I am also glad the rumors about a character dying wasn't true. It would have ruin it all. Just like the ending of Dawson's Creek, but thats another story.

Go see it if you loved the tv series and if you haven't seen the tv series, you should watch all the seasons before watching the movie as you will love the movie even more!